A Journey through the Book of James

As the Navigators on Campus in Zimbabwe, we have been going through the book of James. Each team member was given a section to look at, study, and prepare for leading during our weekly meeting. Each of our team members will take turns to share with you what we have covered so far in this blog.

My favorite section so far has been James 1v19-27. I titled it, “The Word in Action”
As we discussed our findings from this section, we realized that the focus in this passage is, being active implementers of God’s word. We should not just read the word (like we do the news or a novel) but read it from the perspective of a person who approaches a mirror, ready to change what does not look right.
The key verse 22 explicitly challenges us this way, “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” Ask yourself each time you read God’s word: what should I do differently today based on what I have read? A tool that can also help you to do this actively is the SPECKS tool.
As you read a passage of scripture, ask yourself, is there any
Sin to Confess?
Promise to Claim?
Example to follow or not to follow?
Command to Obey?
Knowledge of God revealed?
Stumbling block to avoid?
This tool challenges you to read the passages of scripture with a posture of obedience and an openness to hearing God for your growth and transformation.
This week, yield yourself to God’s leading through his word.

May you be a careful hearer, an intentional reader, devoting yourself to a passionate study of the scriptures, faithfully meditating, memorizing joyfully, and doing his word truthfully!

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