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The Universities Open!!!

First of all, we had Bindura University Orientation that took place from 14-17 March. Our staff went with a small team of dedicated students who are on fire for God. Evangelism and outreach took place on the 15th and 16th of February and the team that went to Bindura came back with good news about people who gave their lives to Christ and people who generally had a hunger for his word.

Followed by the Bindura University orientation, we had the University of Zimbabwe orientation from the 22nd-24th of February. This was yet another time of growth in the Navigators. There were young men and women who gave their lives to Christ. Again there were people who were hungry for the word of God and wanted to know more. It was an exciting time on campus seeing other Navigators participating in spreading the word and excitedly doing so. This was very encouraging especially for the staff, seeing the young people they disciple willingly participate in evangelism.

All this is very exciting and shows growth in the Navigators. We are very excited about what God is doing in and through us.

Ministry Team
We had our first Ministry Team meeting for the year on the 24th of February. Different strategies were put in place for the various ministries and different ways in which ministry can be improved were discussed. We had a fruitful time.

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