"To Know Christ and to make Him Known"

Our Calling

To advance the gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom into the nations through spiritual generations of laborers living and discipling among the lost.


We see a vital movement of the gospel, fueled by prevailing prayer, flowing freely through relational networks and out into the nations. Workers for the Kingdom are next door to everywhere!

Our Mission

The mission of The Navigators is to advance the gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom into the nations through life-on-life mentoring—or discipling—relationships with people, and equipping them to do the same for others.

Our Ministries

The Navigators aim is to be present in all areas, to all people. View tabs below to see how we do it.

Students Ministry

The Students Ministry is really about students. Our main focus is on university students. We provide a platform for students to grow in Christ through one on one discipleship, small group bible studies and fellowship. Here students are challenged to grow in their faith and walk with God and by the time they graduate and or leave they are in a position where they can share the gospel with others and have a growing relationship with Jesus. Good friendships are created, godly relationships are birthed and the fruit is just amazing. We have people who can do life together and more importantly we have more labourers for Christ (2 Timothy 2:2)

The Navigators are present at the University of Zimbabwe. Large group meetings are held every Friday from 6.30-7.30pm.

Transition Ministry

This is a ministry focused on those students who are leaving university and those who have left and are still trying to find their place in the world. Normally students graduate and have to wait for a short or long time to get a job. In our Zimbabwean economy it’s even more difficult for college graduates to get a job after graduating because the opportunities are very limited. It can be difficult time where one’s faith begins to be challenged in a new way. This is where Transition ministry comes in. We do not want to connect with students only to lose them afterwards. We want to remain connected with them. The transition ministry is there to walk with these young people even in the changes that are taking place in their lives. We are here to keep them encouraged in the Lord, help them prepare for the market place and offer guidance and support as they make decisions. They are not alone. This ministry is an extension of the Students Ministry as we work with those who have come through that ministry.

The Market Place Ministry

Our aim in the market place ministry is to advance the gospel of Jesus in the corporate world. The bigger picture here is we want to see businesses and organisations small and large which uphold Christian values like honesty and integrity especially in this corrupt world. We want to see businesses that will fund and promote the gospel. It starts with 1 person who will in turn share the gospel to another who will share to another. Before we know it we would have ministered to many. We want all industries, professions and trades to be reached in Zimbabwe. We believe that as we do what is we can do God will do the impossible.

The Men and Women Community Ministry

We have those who are not in the market place but are in the community. These could be the elderly citizens ie grandparents, the homeless, the jobless and those who are hardly recognised in the market place. Our aim is to advance the gospel to those in the community again through life on life discipleship.

We want to know Christ and make Him known in every sphere. Every life counts to God. Jesus Christ loved the world, helped and healed many but discipled a few. Today we can look back and see the impact those few who were discipled had. Today we have believers all over the world. We want to follow Jesus’ model. It works!! Join us today and partner with us in spreading the gospel and discipling others. The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few. You can become a labourer today or help us financially to spread the gospel but one thing we can all do is pray for the work and for more labourers.

Church Discipleship

In this ministry we come alongside pastors and church leaders that want to learn how to effectively disciple and create generations of disciple in every day life.

Couples Ministry

They say strong marriages make strong families and strong families in turn make strong communities. Many marriages nowadays end in divorce. Our aim in the couples ministry is to help couples build strong marriages that will last a lifetime, godly and exemplary marriages. We achieve this through small group bible studies and life on life discipleship.

Our Resources

The Wheel Illustration

Each part of The Wheel Illustration represents a crucially important component of a vibrant Christian life—from the rim representing obedience to Christ, to the hub of Christ-centeredness, to each of the four spokes of witnessing, prayer, fellowship and the Word.

If you need a simple, effective way to visually explain the structure of a God-glorifying life to someone you’re discipling, sharing The Wheel diagram can be as simple as drawing it out on a napkin or notepad. Challenge them to think deeply about how to be an obedient follower of Christ.

Christ the centre: Galatians 2:20; 2 Corinthians 5:17
Obedience to Christ: John 14:21; Romans 12:1
The Word: 2 Timothy 3:16; Joshua 1:8
Prayer: Philippians 4:6-7; John 15:7
Fellowship: Matthew 18:20; Hebrews 10:24-25
Witnessing: Matthew 4:19; Romans 1:16

  1. The Word Hand
  2. 7 minutes with God

Got 7 Minutes for God?

Most Christians will tell you that they firmly believe in the importance of spending regular time in God’s Word and in prayer each day. Yet, so many of us struggle to do this consistently. Perhaps that’s because we think this time with God has to be a monumental, mystical experience. In fact, you can begin developing this spiritual discipline in as little as seven minutes a day. Longtime Navigator Bob Foster developed a simple outline, called Seven Minutes with God, to help deepen your daily relationship with the Father.

This is simply a guide,” Bob emphasized. “Very soon you will discover that it is impossible to spend only seven minutes with the Lord. An amazing thing happens—seven minutes become 20, and it’s not long before you’re spending 30 precious minutes with Him.”

Do It for the right reason

Bob also offered additional words of wisdom: “Do not become devoted to the habit, but to the Savior. Do it not because other [people] are doing it—not as a spiritless duty every morning, not merely as an end in itself, but because God has granted the priceless privilege of fellowship with Himself.” Want a deeper walk with God? Give Him just seven minutes and see what happens! To order copies of the booklet Seven Minutes with God , visit www.navpress.com or call 1-800-366-7788.
½ Minute: Preparing Your heart
Invest the first 30 seconds preparing your heart. You might pray, “Lord, cleanse my heart so You can speak to me through the Scriptures. Make my mind alert, my soul active, and my heart responsive. Surround me with Your presence during this time.”
4 Minutes: Listening to God (scripture reading)
Take the next four minutes to read the Bible. Your greatest need is to hear a word from God. Allow the Word to strike fire in your heart. Meet the Author!
2½ Minutes: talking to God (Prayer)
After God has spoken through His Book, then speak to Him in prayer. One method is to incorporate four areas of prayer that you can remember with the word ACTS.
ADORATION - This is the purest kind of prayer because it’s all for God. Tell the Lord that you love Him. Reflect on His greatness.
CONFESSION - Having seen Him, you now want to be sure every sin is cleansed and forsaken. “Confession” comes from a root word meaning “to agree together with.” When we apply this to prayer, it means we agree with God’s estimation of what we’ve done.

THANKS GIVING - Think of several specific things to thank Him for: your family, your business, your church—even thank Him for hardships.

SUPPLICATION - This means to “ask for, earnestly and humbly.” Ask for others, then ask for yourself. Include people around the world, missionaries, friends, and those who have yet to hear about Jesus.



The Word from pastors and teachers provides fresh insight into the Scriptures. The weakest finger—the pinkie— represents hearing, because we retain only 5 percent of what we hear. Romans 10:17


This gives us an overview of the Bible and is the foundation of a daily quiet time. This is represented by the ring finger. We generally retain 15 percent of what we read. Revelation 1:3


Studying the Scriptures deepens our convictions. It requires greater time and effort but results in increased Bible knowledge. Most people retain 35 percent of what they study. This is represented by the middle finger. Acts 17:11


Memorizing God’s Word enables us to use the Sword of the Spirit to overcome temptations and to have verses readily available for ministering to others. The index finger, our strongest finger, represents memorization. We remember 100 percent of what we memorize if we consistently review it. Psalm 119:9–11


This is the inward process that accompanies each of the other four methods of Scripture intake. This is why meditation is assigned to the thumb. Only the thumb can touch all the other four fingers. By meditating on God’s Word as we hear, read, study, and memorize, we discover its transforming power at work in us. Psalm 1:2,


The Word Hand is an easy-to-remember tool highlighting five methods of learning from the Bible. Use it for your own spiritual growth and to share with someone else.